Tailinger provides consulting and supervision services. Typical structures are perimeter rockfills, bottom structures, different methods of raises (downstream, upstream, centerline), seals, filters, geosynthetics, dikes, pipelines, ponds (settlement, clarification, pumping, storage), instrumentations, roads and routes, electrical lines, warehouses and logging facilities etc.

Whether it is an individual taskforce or a full project management, we will serve you with genuine care. Effective co-operation is the cornerstone of success, we carry out work with suitable partners on a case-by-case basis.

Typically our tasks include prioritization of works, material and progression calculations, scheduling, feasibility assessments, alternative design mapping, risk analysis, pre works, tendering, QC / QA, utilization of technology and information, reporting..

Tailinger works hard for You and is a partner worth of gold!

Tailinger proof of competence in drone services is declared! We are agile drone operator and we are able to run drone missions at your site airspace and produce a high value information for You. Aerial photos and ground control points tranfers to pointclouds, 3D models, orthos and in different formats to support your property developement.

Aerial mapping and photoshoot:

  • Aerial maps and survey
  • Stockpile reports ex. crushed, orepiles
  • Site planning and reporting
  • Panoramas, 360 pictures, area and volume calculations

Management system consulting ISO-OHSAS-ICMC-MAC TSM

  • Management system development
  • Implementation plans
  • audits, inspections and continuous developement